Ask the Expert: Charles Reuland on the United Way Campaign

Charles Reuland, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and 2014 United Way campaign chair, talks about the 2014 Johns Hopkins United Way campaign and how we can all help "Change the Odds" for people in need.


reulandWho are our partners in the United Way campaign?

We partner with two affiliates of United Way: United Way of Central Maryland and United Way of the National Capital Area. Both have shown great strength at identifying regional and local needs, establishing priorities for supporting those needs, and serving as a convening force to bring together the resources needed to help address these issues. Examples include providing access to healthy food and promoting stable families, where United Way not only identified these issues but worked to bring together a coalition of like-minded charities and government programs to improve these situations.

The 2014 United Way campaign theme is “Changing the Odds for Families and Communities.” Can you elaborate on what that means?  

Those who live in poverty have—to no one’s surprise—worse experiences and outcomes compared to those who do not live in poverty. By providing targeted and intentional support to people living in poverty, we may not eliminate all bad outcomes, but we will certainly improve the odds of a better outcome for those recipients. For example, by providing an afterschool program for a child whose family lives in poverty, we increase the likelihood that that child completes his or her education successfully.

Why does Johns Hopkins participate in the United Way campaign? 

Our very mission includes caring for the people of our community, and we proudly do that every day in an ever-expanding population. Beyond that, the people who work for Johns Hopkins Medicine share the core value of providing service to those in need. Our individual contributions to United Way make Johns Hopkins Medicine an even stronger contributor to the good in our communities. And I think our organizational credibility is much higher when we can say that our staff and faculty members are the largest contributors to United Way in the region.

What is the goal of the campaign?

Our goal is $1.69 million. We want Johns Hopkins to be the highest contributing organization in the region.

How is my donation used by United Way to help families and communities in need?

When you donate to United Way, your donation goes to help all members of our community have a better life. United Way’s programs and initiatives focus on the building blocks of a good life—a quality education, financial stability for individuals and families, and good health.

Here are a few ways your donation may be used:

  • Your donation may help connect people individuals and families in need to basic services, such as food, shelter and affordable medical care.
  • It may help feed those who are hungry. Nothing else matters if people in need don’t have access to healthy food. United Way supports afterschool meal programs, virtual supermarkets and access to public benefits.
  • It may help empower youth so they can learn to read, read to learn, and succeed in school and beyond. United Way invests in programs with proven success in conducting early interventions and providing academic and social support to students to help them reach their full potential.
  • Your donation may help provide financial education, including asset-building, budgeting and employment coaching, to families in need. United Way invests in workforce development and job training programs that prepare adults for careers that pay a family-sustaining wage and in financial literacy programs that help people better manage their finances.

 Are there any special activities being held to help generate enthusiasm and contributions?

There are host of activities both big and small that have been planned to bring attention to the United Way campaign and to encourage all Johns Hopkins Medicine employees to donate. We recently held a weeklong Food Truck Frenzy on many of our campuses. In addition, all of our entities are participating and have been very creative in coming up with fun events to generate excitement and donations. Examples include a chili cook-off, bake sales, silent auctions, raffles, dress-down and professional sports team outfit days, snack sales, special breakfasts, luncheons and more.

How can the Johns Hopkins Medicine community make a contribution to the campaign?

There are many ways to contribute, including by volunteering and by making a monetary donation. We do not require anyone to volunteer or give to United Way, but we certainly encourage everyone to consider making a contribution in support of this campaign.  We further ask all who are in leadership positions to help us inspire everyone to consider a contribution.

Use this link to make your online donation or pledge if you are employed by the following institutions:

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins Health System
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine International
  • Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
  • Johns Hopkins HealthCare
  • Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

If you are employed by Howard County General Hospital, use this link to make your online donation or pledge.

If you are employed by Sibley Memorial Hospital or Suburban Hospital, use this link to make your online donation or pledge.

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