Tips to Promote Better Sleep for Women

A National Sleep Foundation poll reported that of the women who responded: 31 percent complained of sleep problems; 63 percent of women experienced symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights a week; and 31 percent had taken drugs to stay awake. Charlene Gamaldo, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep at Howard County General Hospital, shares tips to promote better sleep for women.

Before considering pharmacological solutions for sleep disorders, there are a number of things women can do:

  • Cool the ambient temperature of the bedroom to help regulate core body temperature
  • Dress in layers so you can peel down when you get too hot
  • Drink something cool at bedtime but try to avoid tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and spicy food
  • Lose weight: body fat holds onto estrogen and can release it at sporadic times, which can cause hot flashes
  • Try relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation
  • Get more exercise, but early in the day is better than in the evening
  • Try to establish regular sleep and wake times.

Read more at Well and Wise.

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