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What’s initiatives are you and your colleagues working on to improve research, education or patient care?

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Whether it’s a game of Trouble or Twister with your siblings, a day at Gwynn Oak Park or Painters Mill Skating Rink, or a sundae at Woolworth’s lunch counter, what’s your favorite memory of simple pleasures while growing up?

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What do you like about working at Johns Hopkins? What ideas do you have to make your work life better? What do you miss or look forward to? What initiatives are you or your team working on that will make a difference in patient care, research or education?

Don't forget to check back regularly to read what your colleagues are posting.

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We congratulate all graduates, especially the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2013, which included the first medical degree students to have completed all four years of a new, innovative curriculum called Genes to Society. In August, we welcome the incoming class.

Think back to your high school or college commencement (some of us will have to think back further than others). Whether it came from a teacher, parent or BFF, what was the best advice you received when you went off to college in search of freedom and knowledge or entered the job world for experience and that first paycheck? For even more fun, post a photo of your graduation or prom. (Promise, we won't laugh!) Leave a comment below.

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