Cast Your Vote: What Type Of Employee Are You?

The traits of a valuable employee come in many forms. Whether you're the take-charge type or the calculated planner, your professional characteristics are often your biggest assets. So what type of employee are you? Maybe you have a little bit of a few of these traits in you? Choose the ones that you think match your personality in today's Cast Your Vote!

The Go-Getter - Always willing to do whatever it takes to complete a task, this person may not have all of the skills yet but has the ambition to get anything accomplished.

The Creative - Forward thinking and always outside the box, this person is the go-to for when a slightly different approach to a task is needed and always has their finger on the pulse of new technology.

The Positive Thinker - When things look bleak and hope is lost, you can do it! Why? Because this person says so! A valuable piece in keeping up company morale, you'll always be motivated around them.

The Strategist - Never without a plan, count on this person to outline all the steps you will need to take to accomplish a goal and the steps for Plan B, too. This person is always organized and knows how to get results.

The Problem Solver - It's often easy to identify a problem, but this person knows how to think quickly and find a way to move around those road blocks. This person is sharp and decisive in tense situations.

The Leader - Able to manage many different ideas, tasks and personalities, this person is the epitome of "take-charge". They take on responsibility and know how to get the most out of others, as well.

What Type of Employee Are You?

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Anna Norrell November 18, 2014 at 8:56 am

Yes, I do.


Bonnie C November 17, 2014 at 1:49 pm

I've always been eager to tackle problems, but am frequently stymied by not having the tools needed to accomplish a task. Sometimes I need specialized software or other tools, and often need some other piece of information (coordination with someone's calendar, or clearing a scheduling conflict, etc.), before I can take action. No amount of "free-thinking" in the world can bypass some obstacles!


dante goines November 17, 2014 at 1:22 pm

always been a leader and problem solver i guess it was instilled in me at a early age after i attended military school which gave me these said qualities. the strategist and go getter was instilled me also from my parents and the various sports i played while growing up which was basketball,football and track and field.


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