Which “A Woman’s Journey” Seminar Interests You The Most?

A Woman’s Journey, the informative and interactive conference featuring 32 seminars on present-day women’s health issues, will be held Saturday, Nov. 1. Johns Hopkins experts will each give a one-hour presentation on some of today’s most talked about topics at this 20th-year event.

Take a look at the five most popular seminars based on current registrations and share which is the most interesting to you, or visit the A Woman’s Journey page for the full list of seminars and leave us a comment about other presentations that you would like to see.

Be sure to register for the event to choose four of the 32 seminars you wish to attend. Don't forget, Johns Hopkins employees receive 10% off!

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Strategies to Prevent Bone Loss and Osteoporosis
Women begin to lose bone strength as young as 30. Endocrinologist Kendall Moseley identifies risk factors that make women susceptible to bone loss, strategies for optimizing bone density, including common drugs—some now considered controversial—and emerging therapies to treat osteoporosis and prevent fracture.

New Recommendations About Multivitamins and Medications
Internist April Fitzgerald addresses significant changes in the management of elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure that were announced this year. She also talks about new results of research that impact the use of multivitamins and other supplements, as well as annual mammograms.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
As baby boomers age, it is estimated that the number of people in the U.S. with Alzheimer's disease will almost triple by 2050. Psychiatrist Dr. Constantine Lyketsos outlines the differences between normal changes in memory and those that are signs of dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease, new research and medically-based strategies to help preserve good memory.

Sage Advice for Aging Gracefully
Geriatrician  Ariel Green discloses what successful aging really means and explores the importance of social and cognitive engagement and physical activity. She also discusses the importance of primary care, medication management and screening tests to live the healthiest and most productive life as we age.

Top 15 Power Foods
Enhance your shopping list with foods that can help you age well by decreasing your risks of cardiovascular, bone mineral and circulatory diseases; macular degeneration; and even wrinkles. Dietician Lynda McIntyre offers a menu that includes nutrients from lutein to omega-3 fatty acids that combat these diseases and improve your health.

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