Cheers to the MLK Community Service Award Recipients

Eight recipients of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Awards were honored at the MLK Commemoration on Friday, Jan. 10, in Turner Auditorium. They are:

1. Nusaiba Baker, graduate student, biology, JHU

2. Brian Boyle, graduate student, communications, JHU

3. Arthur Burnett II, M.D., M.B.A, professor of urology, SOM

4. Bridget Calvert, project manager, JHHC

5. Jennifer Lockhart, OB/GYN practice administrator, JHCP

6. Kristin Sheffield-Hunt, administrative coordinator, school of public health

7. Ede Taylor, project coordinator, JHHS

8. Anthony Walker, protective services officer, JHHS

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Linda February 5, 2014 at 9:50 am

I truly enjoyed the MLK ceremony, speaker, choir and the diversity of JHH employees and guest in the audience. It was a fantastic way of celebrating Dr. King who was and continues to be a driving force for Civil Rights. I cherish his memory and live my life to impact change in our communities. One voice, One Hope, One Vision will set the world ablaze. Let each life make a positive difference in our communities. May we all live well....


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