Heather Webb, Senior Project Administrator

Heather Webb

Heather Webb focuses on service and patient experience in her role as senior project administrator for the Department of Service Excellence, Johns Hopkins Health System.

I’ve always held positions in customer service, such as when we lived in California and I worked in a diamond lab for 4 ½ years. I have worked for Johns Hopkins Medicine since July of 2014. I am now a senior project administrator in the Department of Service Excellence. Having the opportunity to work at Johns Hopkins, with staff, patients and families to improve the patient experience brings me so much joy.

Interestingly, I have bachelor’s degree is in forensic science from the University of Baltimore where I interned at the Maryland State Police in their cold case homicide unit. I was responsible for locating old evidence and submitting it for DNA testing. During my time there, I closed two cases!

I met my husband Alex my last year in college when he was active duty in the Marine Corps and we got married in between deployments. I moved to North Carolina, and later to southern California. After 10 years as a military family, we decided to transition to civilian life and move to Maryland to be closer to family. My dad was critically ill at the time and has since passed away. My mom, who is a nurse at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, encouraged me to look for a job here. (She’ll be retiring in August after 38 years.) While in Cali, I applied for a coordinator position with the Department of Nursing. I flew back for my third interview, and the rest is history. My husband landed a job here a few months later and is currently the assistant director of materials management.

I transferred to the Department of Service Excellence to become the program coordinator shortly after Dr. Lisa Allen was hired as our chief patient experience officer and helped to build our fantastic team. I was later promoted to senior project administrator. My key duties include business operations and coaching our ancillary service areas. I would also say that I am the conduit between the hospital and the health system for patient experience.

Our Service Star Program is one of my favorite projects, which is where we recognize staff quarterly based on letters from patients and their family members, and other staff detailing amazing customer service stories. We read through the letters as a team and decide which to select. We try to incorporate all roles, all disciplines, both outpatient and inpatient because our staff deserve this wonderful recognition.

What people may not know is that over the past year the structure of the department has changed and we now have over 100 staff spanning 4 departments – service excellence, volunteer services, guest services and patient relations.

Helping people fills my cup. I know that while I'm supporting my team on the back end operationally, I'm still making a difference for our staff, patients and families. I’ve had an interesting, diverse career. Coming here every day and being able to change people’s lives is truly a rewarding experience.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two boys Paul and Henry. Family is very important to me.



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Cynthia Gutierrez May 23, 2018 at 10:20 am

I have always enjoyed working with Heather. Nice story!


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