Jill Weaverling, Web Production and Training Specialist


I have always been interested in health care, especially how people are educated about their health and how they can obtain the care they need when they need it. I’m sure this spawned from my family’s involvement in the field: my dad’s a family physician; my mom was a medical transcriptionist; and my aunt’s a physician’s assistant.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in public relations and my graduate degree is in women’s studies, with a concentration in women’s health. When I started taking women’s studies courses as an undergrad, I learned and studied a lot about race, class, gender and how they can affect an individual’s level of health, education and even access to quality care. During undergrad I did an internship in public relations at a local hospital back in Pennsylvania. My supervisor knew that women’s health was an interest of mine, so he let me spend a day at the clinic where people who were uninsured or underinsured could access care. While there, the clinicians were telling me stories about women who had come in with health issues because they were using Lysol to clean themselves. It really struck me, “How did they learn this? Where did they learn this?”

When I started working at a nonprofit health care organization right out of grad school, it was really about helping populations get the health care and information they needed. I later came to Johns Hopkins in January 2015 as a web content specialist for the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. What I liked most about the role was being able to write and provide people with health information, so that if they had some type of condition and came to our website, they would be able to figure out “ok, this is what’s happening to me, or this is what I’m feeling, or these are the symptoms I’m having,” and then get to the person who could provide them with the best care.

I am now a web production and training specialist on the Internet Strategy and Web Services team for Johns Hopkins Medicine, which is part of the Marketing and Communications Department. Our team offers support to website editors throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine who need to edit a portion of their site, have questions about best practices, or who are looking to initiate a web project.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work alongside my amazing coworkers. I actually always tell people that I work with the most fun and diverse group. Everyone is so on top of their game here. You always feel like everyone’s doing their part and it’s really just a great environment to be in.

I grew up on a farm in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. My grandparents lived right next door to our house (my brother and his wife live there now) and the farm has been in our family since my dad himself was younger. Later in life I’d love to have my own version of a “farmette,” with a mini pig and mini goat and a big garden!

Coming from a very rural area, my family has always been really crafty. We would make things we needed (clothes, toys, furniture) or just learn to do things ourselves. Around the age of 6, my mother and grandmother taught me how to crochet and make blankets and things on looms. When I started knitting, I was around 19 or 20. My mom taught me that as well, and when I got started, I made some really ugly things! But I just kept trying and trying and I got way better at it.  It’s even become a form of Zen for me.

Over time, I didn’t need more hats and scarves for myself, and started to think about how cool it would be if I made items that someone I didn’t know somewhere loved it enough to buy it. It was about three years ago that I opened my Etsy store, and it’s become a really fun hobby-business! But for me, it will always be rooted in how I learned my craft. It’s a skill that I’ve learned from the women in my family and plan to pass on to my own family someday.

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Sherna Johnson June 16, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Jill is always a tremendous help to us at the School of Medicine!


Kelsey June 16, 2017 at 9:49 am

It's so nice to see Jill get the recognition she deserves! She has been so responsive with web requests and so helpful in teaching me how to do a lot of things for myself to cut down on web requests. I can't imagine doing my job without her help!


JKC June 16, 2017 at 8:58 am

What a terrific profile! Jill has helped all of us on the web team--old and new--do better work. She has a great vision for how our site can help prospective patients and increase our brand strength. And on top of it all, Jill plays a big part in ensuring the camaraderie that makes our group a great place to work.


Jordan June 16, 2017 at 8:45 am

Jill does excellent work. She's very professional in her interactions and handles all web requests in a timely manner. She's also a great person. We're lucky to have her at Hopkins 🙂


Taashi June 16, 2017 at 8:02 am

Hey Jill! You're famous now 🙂


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