Dancing with the Hopkins Stars: They Said What?

The inaugural Dancing with the Hopkins Stars event on Tuesday, May 26, features 20 Johns Hopkins stars and dancers who have been rehearsing for months in preparation for their big night on stage in support of United Way. Learn more about each of the dancers and check out a few photos at hopkinsmedicine.org/unitedway/dwths. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the whole experience.

What were your initial thoughts when you were asked to participate?

“I was initially very excited and then I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?’” – Julie McArthur

“I was like, ‘are you sure?’ But I was excited. I thought about Jacoby Jones, Emmitt Smith and other professional athletes who were on the show. I thought if they can do it, I can do it.” – Darren Brownlee

“Terrified, absolutely terrified. I’m still terrified. I’m more nervous about this than anything I’ve ever done. Even more nervous than giving my one kidney away – they was nobody watching then and I was asleep. And I couldn’t fall off the table.” – Pamela Paulk

“I was excited. I thought it was an opportunity to do something different and fun. I’ve only done ‘party dancing,’ but not professional dancing.” – Corey Rhames

“I thought they must have made a mistake.” – Pablo Celnik

“I was really excited. I’ve participated in these events in the South for really unique causes, and all the ballrooms in Savannah participated, so I thought it was really cool that Johns Hopkins was doing this sort of fundraiser.” – Katherine Marks

What have rehearsals been like?

“The first one was probably the best one we’ve had [laughing]. It was the basics; we were doing boxes. The Viennese Waltz is all about boxes, so we’ve done boxes and boxes and boxes.” – Alan Partin

“At the first rehearsal Elliot moved really well to one song in particular, so we’ve just been building on that one song. I want him to have the opportunity for his personality to shine. We had rehearsal yesterday…and it is shining!” – Allison Agwu

“We get to this point where we’re like, ‘don’t tell me to do something new’ and then the choreographers get together and you can see their wheels turning, and we look at each other and we’re like ‘oh no!’” – Elizabeth Tracey

“Our first training session was fantastic – Joann and I clicked like old friends. I was fascinated by her energy and happiness!” – Lucio Gama

“All I knew about Pablo was that he was from Argentina, where I had learned to tango. When I told him how much I loved dancing in Argentina and that men were great dancers, he quickly apologized for not being one of those good dancers. It’s such a lie, he's great!” – Arielle Medford

What are you most excited for?

“Personally, I’m just hoping I’m still employed.” – Landon King

“Channeling our inner John Travoltas!” – Kathryn Ries

“Dancing is fun and great exercise. It reminds me of my youth when I was care-free.” – JoAnn Ioannou

“I’m doing something I love, we’re doing something for the greater good, and I’m having fun for the greater good. There’s nothing better than that.” – Monica Compel

“I like learning something new. You get to have a learning curve, and that’s fun.” – Joseph Califano

Who is your biggest competitor?

“It’s going to be interesting to see this group of Johns Hopkins leaders participate in the competition. You know that every single person is going to work very hard, so I’m actually pretty nervous. I think everyone is going look great.” – Erika Benson

“For me, as a male, my biggest competitor is Landon King. He’s been so into this, practicing daily, and is really excited about doing this. I think he’s going to destroy the competition.” – Dorry Segev

“From a dancing perspective and a fundraising perspective, they’re all threatening. Oncology is a big department so we’re going to have a big turnout. I’m looking forward to competing against Alan Partin for the urology/prostate part of this. Landon King, that’s just formidable. Pamela Paulk came in during one of our sessions and I know she has been practicing all the time.” – Michael Carducci


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Chy'na Daniels May 20, 2015 at 4:16 pm

Reading the comments was funny but I'm excited and happy for everyone.Great sportsmanship and "Kudos" to you all for being apart of and giving your all towards a great cause.


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