Exclusive Interview with the Dancing with the Hopkins Stars Judges

We asked, they answered! In preparation for the first Dancing with the Hopkins Stars, here is an exclusive interview with each of the four judges. Channeling their inner television personalities, they are gearing up for the big event on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. in Turner Auditorium at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. For more information visit hopkinsmedicine.org/unitedway/dwths.


Redonda Miller, Vice President for Medical Affairs for The Johns Hopkins Hospital | Carrie Ann Inaba

Q: We heard you are brushing up on your dance vocabulary. What are some technical skills or moves you will be looking for in each performance?

“Enthusiasm and energy are the most important qualities I will be looking for in the contestants. As far as technical skills, each type of dance has its own set of technical elements which will be important for each couple to master. Personally, however, I am a fan of classic moves. Anyone who can incorporate the "moonwalk" or "jazz hands" into their performance will move way up in my scoring. Points will be deducted for twerking.”

Ron Ziegelstein, Vice Dean for Education for the School of Medicine | Len Goodman

Q: Since Len Goodman is known to be the more serious of the judges, how are you prepared to embody his character?

“Many people think of me as a fairly easy-going guy, always ready to share a humorous story or tell a lighthearted joke. But that’s only here at work. Dancing is my life, and I will leave no room for levity as a judge of this competition. Frankly, my goal is not to embody the character of Len Goodman; he’s a clown compared to me.”

Shawn Celio, Assistant Director of Human Resources for the School of Medicine | Bruno Tonioli

Q: How are you prepared to “be” the animated Bruno Tonioli when giving feedback to the dancers? 

“I look forward to meeting all the wonderful and magnificent dancers strut their stuff. I can’t wait to see the business and clinical attire replaced with elegant and handsome tailored attire. I will be keeping an eye on the dance moves as well as pushing fashion forward. I am honored to be a judge for the Dancing with the Hopkins Stars. I am fired up to watch the stars come out and shine on the dance floor in front of their colleagues, friends and family members. I promise to take my high energy to the next level to provide honest, lavish and inspired feedback to the dancers…..while balancing integrity and the rawness of each dance. Let the games begin and time to spice it up a bit.”

Lisa Maragakis, Director of the Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control for The Johns Hopkins Hospital | Professional Dancer

Q: As a dancer yourself, what are some dance moves that would shock or surprise you to see?

“I think that I will be most surprised if we see complicated lifts during the dance routines. These can be very technical and sometimes even a bit dangerous so they take a lot of coordination and practice. The dancers have been working very hard and practicing diligently so I look forward to seeing all of the great moves these teams have put together!”

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