What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment at Johns Hopkins?

Regardless of what your role is with Johns Hopkins Medicine, you play a key part in helping maintain it's status as a leader in progressive healthcare. In all the time you have been here at JHM, what has been the accomplishment that you look back on with the most pride and sense of accomplishment? Have you initiated any new programs or activities at Johns Hopkins Medicine? Did you mentor someone to greater things? Have you been a part of any groundbreaking discoveries? Is it something you do daily that gives you the most satisfaction?

Answer today's question of the week and let us know your proudest accomplishment at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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Patricia Bolland November 30, 2014 at 8:21 pm

I started the Military Heroes Board for our site in Frederick. It became a hit and spread to other sites as well. I love the comments from our USFHP patients such as "I never felt so welcome." Patients bring in pictures of their loved ones who are serving or have served in our Military. We post their pictures on the Board in our lobby. It increases awareness of those in our community who have a personal connection to our armed forces. USFHP newsletter "The Patriot" ran an article about the project.
I am also part of a Military Support Group. We send Christmas Cards to our Military serving overseas. We also send a tractor trailer load full of the most popular items requested by soldiers such as candy, beef jerky, hygiene products, batteries and more. The cost to send these item runs $7-$8000.00. This year we sent 122,327 Holiday cards and more than 400 large boxes to multiple units deployed in 7 countries.
One of my patients responded to the article in "The Patriot" and delivered to me her idea to help fund our project. Each year for the last 5 years our JHCP@Frederick patient submits a beautiful homemade Patriotic quilt for us to raffle. Her tremendous generosity supports our efforts to ship all the above mentioned to our service men and women.
I also serve as liaison representing JHCP@Frederick at Ft. Detrick USFHP presentations.
My job with Johns Hopkins has come full circle uniting my personal life, professional job and what I love to do, advocating, serving for, and being amongst the Military.


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