Spring Vacation Memories

Many school children are on spring vacation from school this week, some staying close to home while other families travel to visit family, friends or a warmer location. What was your favorite spring vacation memory from growing up?

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Lori April 17, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Fort Lauderdale a la Beach Blanket Bingo!!


Rose Richardson April 17, 2014 at 12:28 pm

One of my favorite spring vacation memories is when my grandfather and grandmother would take all of us (my aunts & uncles) plus myself, since I am an only child, to a friend of the family, Mr. Jim and Ms Irene's farm in Calvert County. There the children, including myself, would feed chickens, milk cows, pick fruits & vegetables, and have a very good time while we were there. My grandfather would check the traps he had set on the previous visit for squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, possums, and even deer. We would bring them home for Mama to cook. Sometimes we all would get a chance to fish if we stayed long enough. And when we left they would give us real milk (with the cream on the top) in glass bottles, smoked meats, and plenty vegetables and fruits. This usually took all day since we would leave before sunrise and return well after dark, After returning home we would talk about our adventures and what we saw for days after. Those were the good 'ole days.


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