What Cultural Traditions Do You Enjoy in Your Life?

From mid-September to mid-October, the U.S. celebrates German-American Heritage Month to commemorate the many influences that the United States has embraced from German culture. Whether you observe German traditions or those of any other culture, please share your experiences with us on Hopkins Happenings.

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Delores Dyce September 21, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Jamaica is wonderfull at christmas time and in a tropical country the sun is warm the tempture is just right when I was a little girl the night before christmas the children attend christmas market or grand market. where we buy the toys of our choice walking around untill mid night enjoying the christmas tree and bright lights. There were no santa claus mention but we had a Father Christmas who will bring pretty dresses for girls and suits for the boys because all the children attended church on Christmas Morning. Before church a breakfast of boil green banana with ackee and saltfish and hot coco and strong sweet coffee for the older ones and please dont forget the hard dough bread with butter.

In the neighbourhood there is a strong smell of traditional rum cake the smell of rice and peas cooking with coconut milk and and the wonderfull smell of a traditional drink made from a flower plant locally know as soreal or in other parts of the Carribean it called Flower De Imica the combination of ginger and all spice gives a strong sweet fragrant in the neighbourhood.
Out door cooking is very popular and since there is no snow the children play and and ride new bikes singing Christmas Carrol and having a grand time. Dinner time is for family and friends the table set with fresh cut flower bright colour red' yellow the brightest shade of green, different kind of meats and fried fish fried plantins and of course our famous rice and peas, My mother roast pork was the talk of the neighbourhood religious neighbour who did not eat pork in public whould hide and eat my mother's roast pork that was a sheeee sheee moment The celebratation of Christmas in Jamaica is three days long Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Boxing Day and this is where the party start without-doors dancing street dance until in the wee part of the next day. For us Jamaican the celebration continues untill the begning of the new year Jamaica is a blessed place to be at Christmas Time.


Anita September 20, 2013 at 2:13 pm

decorating the Christmas tree and the outside of the house
hiding the gifts from the kids and not letting them see them until Christmas day
...the cooking all night not so much or the one who has to put together the gifts that has a million pieces. 🙂


Joana Herrmann-Lyon September 19, 2013 at 9:13 am

I miss Germany, in part because I romanticize my childhood memories. One of the ways I like to keep those memories alive is by opening our gifts on the night of Christmas Eve at my parents house. The house is filled with crisp pine and ginger warmth, sweet tangerine and savory meet cooking in wine. The rooms are lit by candles everywhere as we eat a fancy home made dinner dressed in our best. We then take our wine, coffee and desert to the living room and open our gifts. There is always a real evergreen. My mother adopted christmas lights, but my Oma always used real candles on the tree which would be lit on the night of Christmas Eve. The trees we get in the United States are shaped into a cone, even the ones you can cut yourself. But in Germany you could go into the forest and cut a natural one (not sure if you can still do this today), which would allow you to place clips holding little candles on them. It's not as bright as Christmas lights, but it is a most magical sight. Every year my mother and I bake traditional German Christmas cookies, like Ausstecherle, Haselnussmakronen, Spitzbuben, Lebkucken, and Zimtsterne. If you are German, you know what these are! If not, just know that traditional German sweets are less sugary but very rich. Think butter, cream, nuts, marmalade, and dark chocolate. Yummmmmmmmy!


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